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Confidential Hotline

Judges and lawyers who need assistance because of mental health issues, addiction, or substance use disorders (including alcoholism), may reach out to other judges and lawyers who are in recovery or who have gone through treatment, by calling the confidential Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) helpline at 1-800-327-9631. 

Judges who have volunteered to be a personal resource to other judges are uniquely positioned to share their experiences, strengths and hope. If you have experience or think you may be a source of hope for those in need, your help is welcomed!


Virtual Wellness Check-ins

Virtual Meetings, hosted by an assigned Judge and featuring various speakers, will be designed to discuss issues related to the wellness of judges, both individually and professionally.

Participating judges may participate anonymously if desired.

Contact CMuCJ Committee Member Judge Joe Huffman if you are interested in attending the meetings.


Wellness Information Dissemination

Seek out and promote opportunities for publication of articles in periodic CMuCJ newsletters. 

Conduct presentations at CMuCJ trainings or professional functions regarding wellness topics.

Contact Ms. LaShawn Murphy, CCM, the CMuCJ Trial Court Liaison, for more information about these opportunities.

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